Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, commonly known as NORM, is a huge issue for oil field service companies and water treat plant facilities in multiple states and regions around the world; Next Generation Solutions specializes in the managment of NORM impacted materials and residuals.

What is NORM and TENORM?

normRadium, uranium, and thorium are found naturally in the geology of many states including Colorado, North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania to name a few.  When we extract water, oil, or natural gas from the ground below us, radioactive isotopes found in the geology naturally attach to the materials that are passing through those layers.  So, water, oil, and natural gas become “impacted” by the naturally occuring radioactive material (NORM).  Once the sought after material (water, crude oil, natural gas, etc.) is above ground, it often is processed, refined, and/or filtered – this typically results in the naturally occcurring radioactive material becoming concentrated (radioactivity levels rise) as a result of the processes and you end up with TENORM – Technically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material.  Since the level of radioactivity is high, your organization can no longer dispose of the NORM (radioactive-impacted) material through local landfills.  You need a specialist that is licensed by the state to handle radioactive materials such as uranium, radium, and other radioisotopes.  We understand the nature, science, and regulations governing naturally occurring radioactive materials.

Uniquely Qualified

Radioactive materials management is what we do at Next Generation Solutions.  Let’s face it.  Your employees are not properly trained or equipped to safely handle radioactive waste, even at low levels.  Our Radiation Safety Officers and rad techs will help you comply with regulatory guidance, teach and train your staff, and help you minimize the hazards through our unique engineering and scientific solutions.  We will provide a complete risk assessment and help you chart a path forward by providing licensing support, dosimetry (for employee protection), and complete radioactive materials management.  Next Generation is one of the few licensed, regional companies that understand your unique challenges in this complex, regulated environment.  We can help you economically deal with your NORM issues and help keep your employees, your community, and the environment safe.

Remediation, Containment, Transport, and Disposal

naturally occuring radioactive materialsComplete management solutions for low level radioactive waste.  That is what we offer.  Our low overhead structure and dedicated resource approach makes us the perfect partner, consultant, and advisor for your organization.  We design cost effective, long-term solutions that keep your current problem from becoming a recurring problem.  And we handle every aspect of the problem for you – we characterize your residuals through independent lab analysis; then transport and arrange for low level radioactive waste disposal.  It’s a problem you didn’t ask for and don’t want.   Let us help protect you, your employees, and your organization from NORM and its harmful effects on your employees and customers.